For those of you looking for excitement and adventure Sandytoes Algarve is very happy to tell you, we are now offering Trailriding Tours with our fleet of 3 Trail bikes. What is Trailriding ? How is it different from Enduro. Well in essence whislt Enduro is more competition based our Trailriding Tours are all about enjoying the wonderful countryside and terrain and enjoying fully a days guided offroad Trailriding. Our bikes are perfect for either very experienced riders or the novice offroad rider. We aim to give absolute novices an introduction and safety course before venturing out on the Trails whilst experienced riders get to jump straight into offroading as soon as we leave the Sandytoes Algarve base by heading up into the forest behind us.

In actual fact we have listened to some clients feedback already and we offer Trailriding Tours beginning with half day Tours all the way through to 3 day Tours. So, finding time or making time to come on a Trailriding Tour with us should be easy enough.

To make things even easier as long as you have your full riding license with you, then that’s all you need. Just turn up here and we will provide you with bike/safety gear/fuel/guide and uniquely we also include in the price Personal accident insurance. We believe we are the only Trailriding Tours operator doing that.

The Trails can be combined to suit mixed group abilities but having 3 in a group means we can provide you with a more personal and intimate experience and hopefully make your day even better.

So it is now up to you. Decide whether to come Trailriding with your family or a group of friends or evn by yourself. Remember here at Sandytoes Algarve we have a choice of 3 Holiday Houses and we do a riders B+B package. You can see our website for further information on the Trailriding tab.