Algarve Holidays and Tours – Sandytoes Algarve

Do you want to spend an unforgettable holiday in the natural beauty of the western Algarve? We would be delighted to help you organise your holiday!

Sandytoes Algarve is very much a family-run business. But what does that mean to us and how does it affect how we work?

We believe that running our business as a family gives us a better understanding of our guests and clients including their expectations and desires when they stay either at our holiday houses, or when they join us on a bike tour, jeep tour, trailriding or guided walk.

There are plenty of families that wonder what to do in the Algarve during their holidays. This is where a day out with Sandytoes stands out. On a tour with us we aim to involve the entire family, no matter how old or young our guests are, we try our best to entertain everyone, parents, grandparents and chidren alike. Having two boys ourselves, we know how important it is to entertain and animate children. During our tours we have witnessed and shared many precious moments when younger guests are excited to find their first geocache or have a first attempt at bodyboarding. It is a wonderful feeling to watch the smile on their faces when they jump in the water for a swim, whizz down the sandune on the bodyboard or when they realise they completed a bike tour that they didn’t think they could finish. Sandytoes is happy and proud to be part of memorable family holidays.

So, here is the latest family photo of the current (and hopefully future) Sandytoes team, including our mascot – Jack Russel-Podengo mixture “Branquinha”. With a bit of luck she’ll become one of your best friends during one of our jeep tours which she loves to join! Hoping to meeting you soon on one of our tours!

Christin, Anton, Matthew, baby Joshua and Branquinha