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With the last Land Rover Defender rolling off the production line in January 2016 what does this signal for our Jeep Tours?
For us, the biggest worry is getting hold of Landrover spares. After all how can we keep the Jeep Tours going without them? Thankfully we have an account with one of Europe’s largest Land Rover parts supplier. Based in the UK this means, despite the Brexit, we are paying a little bit less for spares (at the moment). So, hopefully we will be able to keep the Jeep Tour activity going for a few more years at any rate.

Whilst out on a Jeep Tour this week a young German client (girl) asked me what is the tilt angle of a Landrover 110 ? I wasn’t too sure but guessed around 35° (in actual fact I have since found out it’s 40°). What made me pleasantly surprised is that, yet again, we have another client onboard that is young and yet has a real keen interest in the Land Rover marque. It’s somewhat not surprising though, since Land Rovers are the most recognisable car in the World, presumably because back in the 1960’s and 1970’s they were being shipped quite literally all over the World.

This year we have run Jeep Tours for people having birthdays. As a special treat, a youngster and a few Dad’s have been let loose behind the steering wheel of our Land Rover 110 whilst out on a Jeep Safari and have just loved their first encounter with a real offroading car. No accidents or damage either which has kept me happy
So, although our very own Defender 110 maybe just 1 of nearly 2 million Jeeps produced it is indeed a very special one to us and our clients that for the last three years have had an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful wild westcoast of the Algarve when doing a really unique Jeep Safari with us.

Now, we have a ton of spares to fit over the winter months so come next week the car will be in the garage for a few days having upgraded brakes and brake discs fitted.
Hopefully the clients who have pre-booked Jeep Tours with us in November will enjoy the better ride.
Don’t hesitate and book a Jeep Safari with us for personalised groups (we do not mix groups on our Jeep Tours) for a magical family day out. See you soon!