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Do you want to spend an unforgettable holiday in the natural beauty of the western Algarve? We would be delighted to help you organise your holiday!

Having had such positive feedback over the last 18months our Trailriding company – Algarve Trailriding Tours now offers what we ingeniously call the First Time Offroad Experience – FTOE. The name, as logical as it sounds, however, doesn’t necessarily only attract people doing an offroad Trailriding adventure for the first time. It is proving very popular with riders of Dual Sport or larger Adventure Bikes i.e. those on BMW GS1200 or KTM 1190 adventure style motorbikes. We’re finding an increasing number of riders looking to get basic skills experience and confidence whilst riding on smaller sized dirtbikes such as our fleet of AJP 250cc motorcycles. The skills learnt with us are directly transferable to dual sport riding as well as good skills to keep with you for life, regardless of what type of Motorbike you may ride, road, dirtbike etc.

So, if you’re looking for your first time adventure or looking for improved skills/knowledge or needing a shot of confidence, please do ask us at Algarve Trailriding Tours about doing the FTOE course.